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'Soul' trivia and fun facts

Jazz is the key As the main character is a musician professor keen on jazz, this music style plays a big role in the movie, so they have included original songs from jazz musician Jon Batiste.
Academy award winner musicians The original soundtrack is made by the Academy award winners for 'The social network', Trent Reznor y Atticus Ross.
Big announcement The movie was presented for the first time at the anual Disney expo D23, where its director, writer, producer and main dubbers stood on stage.
Very familiar This is the first Pixar feature film confirming its MPAA even before the release of its first trailer: it is rated PG.
Same director and release date The previous movie from director Pete Docter, 'Inside Out' (2015), was also released in the United States in 19th june.
Investigation Disney always investigates about their movies topics. For this film about the soul, the director and co-writer Pete Docter says they consulted "a local Buddhist instructor, a rabbi, a number of different pastors in the Christian tradition and even a couple of shamans", according to EMPIRE magazine.