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Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi's user reviews


The special effects are the best of the original trilogy and ironically benefits the most from Lucas' latterday overhaul. Probably the weakest in the original trilogy, but still a worthy finale to an epoch defining franchise.

Read review Christopher Hemblade

George Lucas and Co. have perfected the technical magic to a point where almost anything and everything, no matter how bizarre, is believable. The bad news is the human dramatic dimensions have been sorely sacrificed.

Read review James Harwood
The Telegraph

While a certain amount of drama is found in these revealing scenes, it is somewhat dis­sipated in the romantic relations between Leia and Solo. The dialogue given to the lovers is laughable, and their performances match it.

Read review Patrick Gibbs
The Hollywood Reporter

There's a kind of desperation about it, a feeling that Lucas and co-writer Lawrence Kasdan are simply trying to figure out what they can do next to amuse the kiddies.

Read review Arthur Knight
New York Times

All of the members of the old ''Star Wars'' gang are back doing what they've done before, but this time with a certain evident boredom

Read review Vincent Canby