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Suburbicon's user reviews

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Uneven though it is, the film is peppered with enough cherishable dialogue tics and dummkopf punchlines to make it a enjoyable watch.

Read review Jessica Kiang
The Hollywood Reporter

Suburbicon is just too obvious in its satirical depiction of the dubious morality and social inequality behind the squeaky-clean façade of postwar American life, though it's watchable enough, and a distinct improvement for Clooney on his last directorial outing.

Read review David Rooney
The Guardian

Suburbicon is too lightweight and mannered; it lacks proper fury. Watching it is like having your trouser-leg savaged by an energetic small dog.

Read review Xan Brooks
Rolling Stone

Clooney is too talented and committed a filmmaker not to get in his licks. But with Suburbicon, he's made a movie that is tonally at war with itself.

Read review Peter Travers
The A.V. Club

The results play like some Robert Zemeckis splicing experiment gone wrong, as though Clooney had somehow digitally inserted an earnest social-issues drama into a zany mishap noir.

Read review AA Dowd
The Telegraph

It?s a hectic, sour and muddled film ? a flailing counterfeit of satire that keeps slipping on its own banana skin supply, and never remotely gets to grips with what it thinks it?s sending up.

Read review Robbie Collin
The Wrap

The film veers back and forth between the obvious and the ridiculous.

Read review Alonso Duralde