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'Suicide Squad' trivia and fun facts

Jared Leto took seriously his job of playing the Joker. So much that he did not leave his character even during breaks from filming. So he used to sent his fellow cast members "Joker-like" gifts, like the rat that he sent to Margot Robbie.
Scott Eastwood, a close friend of Jared Leto, said he came to be afraid of Jared's behavior on the set of '[ FILM]'.
Because of the dark argument of 'Suicide Squad', it has been suggested that an on-set therapist was hired to assist the cast and keep things in perspective.
To prepare for his role as Deadshot, Will Smith shaved his head and learned how to shoot with Navy SEALS. It turned out that the actor was particularly good with long distance shots.
This is the first film based on a comic book starring a team of supervillains.
Initially Ryan Gosling was going to play the role of The Joker, but turned it down due to the multi-picture deal that the study offered him.
Jai Courtney, Captain Boomerang in 'Suicide Squad', had always said he would never do a superhero movie. He changed his mind when he learned that David Ayer was to be the director of the film.
Jared Leto is the third Oscar winner who plays The Joker, after Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger.
Director David Ayer describes the film as "the comic version of 'The Dirty Dozen'".
One fan theory suggests that The Joker in 'Suicide Squad' could be an old Robin that Batman thought was killed by another Joker. This would explain the tattoos and broken teeth.
Before this film the Suicide Squad appeared in the television series 'Smallville' and 'Arrow'.
Majority of the cast got 'SKWAD' tattooed in honor of the film. Margot Robbie and Will Smith were the ones that applied the word in some of the cast members.