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Year: 2018

Original Title: Super Troopers 2

Length: 99 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Mistery


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Release Dates

United Kingdom: June 15 2018

United States: April 20 2018


Ranking: 7,486 out of 14,737 movies (up 2601)


2.2 by 2 users

3.3 by 2 media


Directed and co-written by the filmmaker Jay Chandrasekhar, after its premiere in 2001, this 2018 arrives the sequel to the film 'Super Troopers', 'Super Troopers 2'. In the movie, five Vermont scumbags try to save their work by solving a mysterious murder. When a border dispute between the United States of America and Canada arises, the Super Troopers will have to take charge of patrolling and protecting the area that both countries dispute. The cast of the film is formed by Seann William Scott, Clifton Collins Jr., Steve Lemme, Erik Stolhanske and Jay Chandrasekhar, and it will be released on cinemas next April 20th, 2018. 'Super Troopers' promises even more comedy and mystery than in the original film.


Cast Super Troopers 2



Trivia Super Troopers 2

On March 24th, 2015 Broken Lizard launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $2 Million to produce the film. Just over 24 hours later they had already surpassed their goal and the movie was greenlit. Parts of the movie were filmed in and around the Quabbin Resevoir State Park in Massachusetts under the title "Almond Benefits 2". Fox had been waiting for an official statement regarding the release date but Steve Lemme inadvertently spilled the beans during an interview with a Burlington, Vermont journalist while in town doing a stand-up comedy show, thinking he was off the record. The journalist printed Lemme's admission in a local newspaper and the date hit half outlets too early. This presented potential problems for Fox and public relations professionals behind the film, as well as the many backers from the Indiegogo campaign. It was smoothed over, however, and April 20, 2018 was confirmed as the release date.Fox había estado esperando una declaración oficial sobre la fecha de lanzamiento, pero Steve Lemme se desató inadvertidamente durante una entrevista con un periodista de Burlington, Vermont, mientras estaba en la ciudad haciendo un espectáculo de comedia, pensando que no estaba registrado. El periodista imprimió la admisión de Lemme en un periódico local y la fecha llegó a la mitad de los medios demasiado pronto. Esto presentaba problemas potenciales para Fox y los profesionales de relaciones públicas detrás de la película, así como para los muchos patrocinadores de la campaña de Indiegogo. Sin embargo, se suavizó y el 20 de abril de 2018 se confirmó como la fecha de lanzamiento.