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Year: 2016
Original Title: La habitación (Tales of Mexico)
Length: 118 minutes
Genre: Drama, History
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Ranking: 5,767 out of 15,447 movies (up 1474)


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'Tales of Mexico' is an anthology compound by eight shorts films by eight differents directors but with the same screenwriter, María Diego Hernández, this shorts films have a room in common. All these stories develop inside of her and in distinct period of time of Mexico's History in the last hundred years. Using this space with a connection between the characters will can see the evolution of a society through different tenants that had lived in it. How are their minds, which are their dreams in each moment and which are the most fears. The nation, the characters and the own room are fastened by the changes of the time. This movie is starring by the actress Irene Jacob ('The double life of Veronique')


Cast Tales of Mexico