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Thank you for the bombing poster


Year: 2015
Original Title: Thank you for the bombing
Length: 100 minutes
Genre: Drama, War
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Ranking: 8,121 out of 16,088 movies (up 644)


Director Barbara Eder collects three stories of many other war correspondents in this intense story. In the first, a veteran journalist is sent to a new destination although not very convinced of his mission. When he is about to catch the plane, a familiar face (that of a dangerous war criminal) makes their tasks rethink. In the second, a journalist investigates a striking episode involving a burning Korans by two US soldiers. In the latter case, a risky reporter intrudes into the most dangerous area of conflict. Austrian feature film production starring Erwin Steinhauer, Manon Kahle and Raphael von Bargen. Drana co-written by the director Barbara Eden in collaboration with Michael Glawogger.


Cast Thank you for the bombing