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Última hora Muere Luis Eduardo Aute, referente de la música de autor española, a los 76 años
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Year: 2016
Original Title: The Black Minutes
Genre: Suspense


Ranking: 11,402 out of 15,990 movies (up 2260)


'Black Minutes' is history of crime, violence and corruption who is brought to light by an old case of more than twenty years ago about a feared and terrifying serial killer. A Mexican journalist will try to discover the truth about what happened with the help of a law enforcement officer. 'The Black Minutes' is a thriller and drama film directed by the mexican Mario Muñoz ('Bajo la sal', 'Rastros de Hollín'). It also has an important and international cast who consists in actors such as Demian Bichir ('The Hateful Eight', 'Good Kids'), Diego Luna ('Rogue One') and Sofia Espinosa ('Gloria', 'Coco', 'Los Bañistas'). Now, the production is in a long pause because due to troubles with cast's agenda.

Cast The Black Minutes


Trivia The Black Minutes

The film is based on the novel of Martin Solares with the same name, which is a thriller and a noir novel.