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The Darkest Minds's user reviews

New York Times

"'The Darkest Minds' plays like a lightning round in which the goal is to hit as many teenage-dystopia tropes as possible".

Read review Ben Kenigsberg

'The Hunger Games' breakout is the best part of a film that went out of fashion before cameras even started rolling.

Read review Kate Erbland
The Hollywood Reporter

"It may all be pretty thinly imagined stuff compared to the travails of Katniss, but for those who happen to be turning 14 or 15 as this hits theaters, it may suffice."

Read review John DeFore
The Wrap

"You?ve seen these post-apocalyptic, super-powered teens before, but strong performances and smart direction give this flick a kick".

Read review William Bibbiani
Screen Daily

"'The Darkest Minds' recycles many recent popular cinematic tropes, resulting in a familiar young-adult drama that struggles to find its voice".

Read review Tim Grierson

"Jennifer Yuh Nelson adapts nicely to the world of live action, though she should have picked a less derivative project than this generic YA movie about kids with special powers".

Peter Debruge