The Eyes of My Mother

The Eyes of My Mother
Poster The Eyes of My Mother

Title: The Eyes of My Mother

Original Title: The Eyes of My Mother

Year: 2016


Release Dates

  • UK: March 24 2017
  • United States: November 18 2016


'The Eyes of My Mother' is a surreal horror film presented to us during the Sundance film festival. 'The Eyes of My Mother' unfolds over three separate chapters, titled: "Mother", "Father" and "Family". In a secluded farmhouse in rural America, Francisca lives with her parents. Until, whilst the Father is away, the family are paid a visit by a wandering stranger, whose actions shatter Francisca's idyllic dream, and scar her for life. This begins Francisca's slow descent into madness, as she slowly gives into her deepest and darkest desires. Futilely trying to mend the growing distance between her and her father. Francisca's loneliness and fractured psyche converge years later in a dark attempt to express her urge to connect to anyone.



Nicolas Pesce Nicolas Pesce


'The Eyes of My Mother' Trailer 2:18

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