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'The Farewell' trivia and fun facts

Based upon true events Director Lulu Wang tells the real story about her family. All of them lied to ther real grandmother about her terminal cancer, so she reflects herself in Awkwafina's character.
Real life lie Director didn't tell her grandmother that the movie was about her, and when she found out at the production party, Wang told her that the plot was about immigration and a wedding.
Moderation from the distributor This is the first A24 movie being rated as PG, after releasing R films like 'Hereditary' or 'Midsommar'.
Director, writer and musician Lulu Wang has written and directed the movie, and besides she plays the piano in the original soundtrack.
China is not cheep The director was surprised by the amounts of money that she had to pay chinease actors, and had to beg Shuzhen Zhao to accept the role of Nai Nai.
Tribute The film pays tribute to 'Capricorn One' in a scene in which the family is gathered around the table while they have dinner. Specifically, it is the joke about the death of the cat, copying the dialogue of the 1977 film.
Sundance opens doors Before arriving at the movie theaters, the film went through the Sundance Film Festival, where it made clear that it was a good bet demonstrating its potential.