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Year: 2017

Original Title: The Florida Project

Country: USA

Length: 115 minutes

Budget: $2,000

Genre: Drama

Studios: June Pictures

Distributor: Altitude Films

Release Dates

United Kingdom: November 10 2017

United States:


Ranking: 3,698 out of 13,214 movies (up 1434)


9.8 by 6 media


A deep reflection about poverty in the United States through the eyes of the childrens that are enjoying the summer. Between the beautiful colours, ice-creams and hotel's rooms is hidden a terrible truth. Moonee is a girl woh is known because of her pranks and mischiefs that she does all day. Her mother, Halley, encourages her to play with other children of her age and to be happy. Both lives in one of the most poor area in Florida, and like the rest of the families, they will try to survive about their economy problems from the best possible form. Supporting in Ashley and Scooty, their neighbour, they gets to pay they debts at the end of the months "without problems". But after a terrible success intentional by Moonee, they will lost their friendship and they must fight alone to the true problem: the life.


Cast The Florida Project


Trivia The Florida Project

'The Florida Project' was an early development name for Disney World. Willem DaFoe spent a week living in the filming area before production in order to immerse himself in the life of the characters & master the nuances of the regional dialect. All the movie was shot on 35 mm film, except the final sequence.