The Great Escaper

The Great Escaper
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Title: The Great Escaper

Original Title: The Great Escaper

Year: 2023


Release Dates

  • UK: October 06 2023


'The Great Escaper' is a British biographical drama written by Oliver Parker and directed by William Ivory. It is based in the real story of Bernard Jordan, a retired veteran who fought on World War II and, at his 89 years of age, "escaped" his retirement home where he was living to travel to France, and attend the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of D-Day. It stars Michael Caine and Glenda Jackson, in the last film of the actress before dying.

Bernard Jordan (Caine) and Irene (Jackson) have been married for sixty years and they now live together in a retirement home. When Jordan finds out it's going to be the 70th anniversary of World Ward II D-Day, he decides to escape his retirement home and travel alone to Normandy, in France. 'The Great Escaper' not only explores the adventures of a ninety year-old man, but his necessity to confront his long lasting traumas after fighting on a war, as well as celebrate a livelong of long alongside the same woman.

The cast is completed with Will Fletcher and Laura Marcus as the young Bernard and Irene, as well as John Standing, Jackie Clune, Danielle Vitalis, Brennan Reece and Wolf Kahler.

It is not the last film about this subject, because around the same event is being shot 'The Last Rifleman', starring Pierce Brosnan.



Ol Parker Ol Parker

Michael Caine

Michael Caine

Bernard Jordan

Glenda Jackson

Glenda Jackson

Irene Jordan

Wolf Kahler

Wolf Kahler


Laura Marcus

Laura Marcus

Young Irene

Ian Conningham

Ian Conningham

Commander Parker


The Great Escaper


Caine and Jackson reunite onscreen 47 years later

It is the second film in which Michael Cane and Glenda Jackson appear together. The other one was 'The Romantic Englishwoman' in 1975, 47 years earlier.

Glenda Jackson last film

It is Glenda Jackson last film. The actress died con June 2023, nine months after shooting all her scenes in the movie. The director showed her the film in a private screening with Michael Cane a few weeks before her passing.

Shot entirely in the UK

Although the story is also set in France, the film was entirely shot in the UK to avoid COVID risks and minimize travel due to the cast old age: Caine was 89 years old and Jackson 86 when shooting the film.

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