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'The Highwaymen' trivia and fun facts

Original duo At first, the film was going to be starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman, but after Newman's death in 2008, Redford left the project.
Liam Neeson The first Woody Harrelson partner was Liam Neeson, but after he left the project, he ended up being replaced by Kevin Costner.
From Clyde to detective Woody Harrelson was the main character in 'Natural Born Killers', directed by Oliver Stone, a film inspired in Bonnie and Clyde's story whose main characters was Mickey and Mallory, playing by Harrelson and Juliette Lewis. In 'The Highwaymen', the actor plays one of the detectives who chases the criminals.
Start On February 12, 2018, Netflix announced that the production of the film was began.
Stunts Actors who play Bonnie and Clyde, Emily Brobst and Edward Bossert, were worked previously like stunts in many movies.