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'The Invisible Man' trivia and fun facts

Other options Armie Hammer and Alexander Skarsgard were the studio's top choices for the titular role.
Universal's Dark Universe Originally was going to be part of the Dark Universe franchise with Johnny Depp starring as the titular character and Ed Solomon writing but changes were made to the Dark Universe to focus on individual storytelling and moving on from the shared universe concept after the box office failure of 'The Mummy' (2017).
Moss and the invisible man Elisabeth Moss once voiced a young girl in an episode of Batman: The Animated Series. The plot featured a man who had found a way to become invisible and at one point attempted to abduct his daughter, played by a young Moss.
Reboot of the Monster Universe This film marks the first in producer Jason Blum's attempt to reboot the Universal Studios 'Monster Universe'.
R rated The second Universal Monsters Remake to received an R rating after 'The Wolfman' (2010).
Goyer as a writer David S. Goyer was hired to write the screenplay in early 2007. Goyer remained attached to the project as late as 2011 with little to no development on the film.
Collaboration with Moss Leigh Whannell asked for help to Elisabeth Moss in order to include her own stories that could improve the development of the story.