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The mummy's user reviews

Entertainment Weekly

It's good enough to keep you interested about what comes next

Read review Chris Nashawaty

The Mummy? is a literal-minded, bumptious monster mash of a movie. It keeps throwing things at you, and the more you learn about the ersatz intricacy of its ?universe,? the less compelling it becomes.

Read review Owen Gleiberman
The Guardian

It?s a ragbag of action scenes which needed to be bandaged more tightly.

Read review Peter Bradshaw
The Wrap

This ?Mummy? is rags that produce no riches

Read review Robert Abele
Chicago Sun-Times

The Mummy is so wall-to-wall awful, so cheesy, so ridiculous, so convoluted, so uninvolving and so, so stupid

Read review Richard Roeper

An odd but frothily entertaining genre cocktail, which coasts on the charisma of its two biggest names and keeps things just fun enough to forgive its considerable lapses in narrative.

Read review Dan Jolin
The Hollywood Reporter

Cruise brings little daring and less charm to the film, though to be fair to the actor, his character's a stiff

Read review John DeFore
Screen Crush

The nonsensical story would matter less if The Mummy would get out of Cruise?s way and let him do what he does best. Instead, it buries him beneath punishing dialogue scenes and surrounds him with unconvincing and unoriginal special effects

Read review Matt Singer
Rolling Stone

Es un error monstruoso

Read review Peter Travers

It?s an irredeemable disaster from start to finish, an adventure that entertains only via glimpses of the adventure it should have been.

Read review David Ehrlich