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Year: 1932

Original Title: The Old Dark House

Length: 72 minutes

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Studios: Universal Pictures

Distributor: Eureka Entertaiment

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Release Dates

United Kingdom: April 27 2018

United States: October 20 1932


Ranking: 4,447 out of 14,742 movies (up 847)


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A group of weary travellers are caught in a pounding storm journeying through a remote region of Wales. They take refuge in a sinister mansion inhabited by the bizarre Femm family and their mute and disfigured butler Morgan. As soon as the group settles in for the night they find themselves at the mercy of a eccentric and potentially dangerous family. As the lights go out, and the storm worsens, will the five visitors, Phillip and Margaret Waverton, their friend, Roger Penderel and Sir William Porterhouse and girlfriend, Gladys make it out alive? With an incredibly cast including Melvyn Douglas, Gloria Stuart, Boris Karloff and Charles Laughton, British director James Whale who is famous for his work in other movies such as 'Frankenstein', 'Brife of Frankenstein' or 'The Invisible Man' directed this movie.


Cast The Old Dark House

Melvyn Douglas

Melvyn Douglas


Charles Laughton

Charles Laughton

Sir William Porterhouse

Raymond Massey

Raymond Massey

Philip Waverton

Gloria Stuart

Gloria Stuart

Margaret Waverton