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'The Queen's Corgi' trivia and fun facts

Royalty Celtic dogs Corgi's race is specially known because being the Queen Elisabeth II's favourite dog race. The Queen has come to have eight corgi's dog at the same time. She has appeared overtly walking the dogs in the palace gardens several times. Corgi's are an old race of British dog which name in Celtics means «small dog».
The writers of Gnomeo and Juliet Rob Sprackling y Johnny Smith are the writers of 'The Queen's Corgi' and 'Gnomeo and Juliet' (2011)
Rex, The Queen's favourite Corgi Despite the crazy history about the adventures of Rex outsite Buckhingham Palace is an invenction of Rob Sprackling y Johnny Smith, Rex is actually the favourite Corgi of the British Queen. Elisabeth II decided to stop increasing her Corgi's family which she has taking care since she was 18 because she because she does not want to leave them orphans to her death. A tender animal story of the longest monarch of the British crown.