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The Secret Scripture's user reviews

The Hollywood Reporter

Rooney Mara and Theo James deliver their most richly nuanced screen work to date in the drama, a memory piece whose true subject is Ireland?s tangled, bloody history and the Church?s toxic paternalism toward women.

Read review Sheri Linden

A classic case of a literary adaptation capturing the high-gloss trappings of its source without getting a handle on its story or themes, 'The Secret Scripture' is like a nicely decorated Craftsman home built on a foundation of Jell-O, with a toilet where the kitchen sink should be. It looks nice on first glance, but spend any time there, and things start to get messy.

Read review Andrew Barker
The Guardian

Sheridan?s take on the material is solidly made but sorely lacking in subtlety.

Read review Benjamin Lee
The Wrap

The ending of this movie is monumentally, historically, even catastophically bad. Its big reveal is so mind-numbingly asinine that it nearly retroactively erases any intelligence you may have had before watching this movie. Yes, it?s that agonizing.

Read review Sam Fragoso