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The Witches's user reviews

The Wrap

This kiddie horror comedy will bring a bracing dollop of creepiness to your Halloween.

Read review Alonso Duralde
Chicago Sun-Times

The special effects are first-rate and the performances are way over the top yet entertaining, but The Witches is far too disturbing for young children and not edgy enough to captivate adults.

Read review Richard Roeper
Entertainment Weekly

This Witches, alas, has the misfortune of doubling down on all the late writer's eccentricities, while somehow finding only a fraction of his magic.

Read review Leah Greenblatt

Zemeckis has made some unsuccessful films over the last 20 years, but The Witches is the most frustrating of them all because it feels like it could?ve been made by somebody else. Anybody else.

Read review David Ehrlich