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Year: 2017

Original Title: Le jeune Karl Marx

Country: Germany

Length: 118 minutes

Genre: Biography, Drama, History

Studios: Velvet Film, France 3 Cinema

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Release Dates

United Kingdom: May 04 2018

United States: February 23 2018


Ranking: 2,660 out of 14,669 movies (up 2072)


5.9 by 3 users

6.6 by 5 media


During his youth, a 26 year old Karl Marx and his wife embarked were exiled. In 1844 he will meet Friedrich Engels, son of an industrial worker who is investigating the birth of the social class in Great Britain. Engels will bring the last idea which the young Karl Marx needed in his vision. The both of them together, facing political repression, censorship and disturbs, will lead the social working class movement during its birth and development in the Modern era.


Cast The Young Karl Marx

Ulrich Brandhoff

Ulrich Brandhoff

Herrmann Kriege

August Diehl

August Diehl

Karl Marx

Vicky Krieps

Vicky Krieps

Jenny von Westphalen-Marx

Stefan Konarske

Stefan Konarske

Friedrich Engels

Olivier Gourmet

Olivier Gourmet

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon