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Toni Erdmann's user reviews

Los Angeles Times

Ade has an unusual gift for planting more than one idea in each frame; I don?t think there?s a single one of the movie?s 162 minutes that can be reduced to a single emotional beat or narrative function. That hefty running time isn?t a sign of indulgence, but integrity.

Read review Justin Chang

The confusion that the director Maren Ade succeeds in this climbing of jokes of almost three hours of duration hides, deep down, a depth that we would never have attributed to the toy handcuffs or naked parties.

Read review Andrea G. Bermejo
Roger Ebert

[Maren Ade] fully embraces the inherent awkwardness of a testy emotional bond and tackles it to the ground, all the while mining it for heartfelt humor without the all-too-common safety net of predictability found in big-budget Hollywood fare.

Read review Susan Wloszczyna

A delightfully uncomfortable mood that can remind the spirit of the sketches [...] between the most explosive comedy and the most rigorous German realism.

Read review Philipp Engel
El País

It is an unusual comedy in the best sense, inhabited by splendid gags and situations that provoke laughter [...] mixing realism and surrealism, grotesque and buried tenderness.

Read review Carlos Boyero

When it seems that the comedy is going to give rise to the drama, or clashing in clichés, the director of 'Everyone Else' [...] hits the spotlight from the script and makes the characters are adorable.

Read review Pablo O. Scholz
Le Monde

Around filiation, the German director Maren Ade offers, with 'Toni Erdmann', an invigorating situationist farce.

Read review Jacques Mandelbaum
The Telegraph

Sweetness and bitterness of the film are held so perfectly in balance.

Read review Robbie Collin
Cahiers du Cinéma

The triumph at Cannes, which must not make believe a consensual film, was simply the shock of seeing a masterpiece.

Read review Stéphane Delorme
New York Times

'Toni Erdmann', proceeding in a perfectly straightforward manner, from one awkward, heartfelt, hilarious scene to the next, wraps itself around some of the thorniest complexities of contemporary reality.

Read review A.O. Scott
El Mundo

It turns the absurd into delight. [...] A comedy as extravagant as existentially painful. [...] original and risky.

Read review Luis Martínez
The Playlist

Every family is its own country with culture and customs and embarrassments that seem alien beyond its borders, but the genius of Maren Ade?s brilliantly funny and slyly crushing 'Toni Erdmann' is that it makes the utterly foreign nation of its central father/daughter relationship feel so much like home.

Read review Jessica Kiang
Rolling Stone

If you're looking for the best and most beguiling foreign-language film of the year, you'll find it in Maren Ade's 'Toni Erdmann', a German father-daughter story that will leave you laughing and choking back tears, often simultaneously.

Read review Peter Travers
The Guardian

A leftfield Palme contender emerges in this insightful and sometimes very funny film about a prank-prone dad trying to lighten up his serious businesswoman daughter.

Read review Peter Bradshaw