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'Tulip Fever' trivia and fun facts

Reborn movie This film was seven weeks away from shooting in 2004. When the British government shuttered a tax break program, the $45 million budget grew by about $17 million, and the film was shut down. The film has now been resurrected by Ruby Films and the budget has been slimed down to $25 million.
Filmed in UK The film is set in the Netherlands but was entirely shot in UK (in Norfolk, Suffolk and at Pinewood Studios).
Matthias Schoenaerts Matthias Schoenaerts was cast as the male lead but dropped out. He was replaced by Dane DeHaan. Schoenaerts ended up co-starring with Alicia Vikander in La chica danesa (2015).
Two years delayed It was filmed in 2014 but the release was postponed for two years. The first test screening happened in November 2014.
Harry Styles Harvey Weinstein offered Harry Styles the role of Mattheus, but the singer turned it down due to scheduling conflicts and Matthew Morrison was cast instead.