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'U - July 22' trivia and fun facts

'22 july' This, 'U - july 22', is the second film that tells the the real story behind the terrorist attack on Utoya the 22th of July of 2011. The other movie that tried to show the same events was '22 july', a film directed by Paul Greengrass.
One take The entire movie is a one-take. Even though there could have been cuts when the camera was put on the ground. Erik Poppe had five days to try to get the perfect take and could not attempt more than one take a day. The take from the fourth day has been used for the final movie.
Solar storm The take from the third day could not be used because there was a solar storm that interfered with all the signals of the equipment. This made it impossible for the director to communicate with his cameraman.
Location The movie wasn't filmed on Utøya itself but on the neighbouring island.