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'Underwater' trivia and fun facts

Bye bye hair Kristen Stewart had to shave her hair for this role.
Due to 20th Century Fox Due to Disney purchase of 20th Century Fox the movie release date was pushed to 2020.
Last film for 20th Century Fox The last ever film from 20th Century Fox as Disney has decided to drop the Fox branding.
Aspects of the shooting They shot on dark stages with no lights for the underwater scenes. They used volumetric scanning, by putting some atmosphere around the actors and letting the flashlights move through the particles. They were able to measure the approximate density about which the water should be moving around them.
Airtight suits Actors wore airtight suits for the underwater scenes, making it difficult to hear the director's commands. Each suit weighed about 140 lbs.
Saving on sets They reused the sets for Kepler Station by reorganizing portions and manipulating pieces in order to create the Roebuck station.
The name of the creature The little creature they capture is called a "clinger".
The method of the character When Emily first puts on her suit, it reminds her of a childhood memory of getting into her sister's snowsuit. This puts her mind at ease.