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Year: 2016
Original Title: Viral
Length: 85 minutes
Genre: Drama, Horror, Science fiction
Studios: Blumhouse Productions, Dimension Films
Age rating: Suitable only for 15 years and over
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Release Dates

United States: July 29 2016


Ranking: 8,402 out of 15,912 movies (up 1732)


5.0 by 1 users


Emma and her sister Stacey are normal teenagers in a small town, when a mysterious infection begins to spread. With the town quarantined, and their parents stuck on the other side of the barrier, the girls have a blast eating junk food and sneaking out to go to parties. But when the disease starts to infect people they know, the girls, together with their neighbor Evan (Emma's secret crush), barricade themselves into their home. But it may already be too late, as the infection is already in their midst, and Emma will be faced with a choice: protect her sister or survive the virus. 'Viral' is directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, the directors to 'Nerve'.


Cast Viral

Sofia Black D'Elia

Sofia Black D'Elia

Emma Drakeford

Analeigh Tipton

Analeigh Tipton

Stacey Drakeford

Travis Tope

Travis Tope

Evan Klein

Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly

Michael Drakeford

John Cothran

John Cothran

Mr. Toomey



Trivia Viral

In May of 2015, the movie was announced to be released in theaters in February 2016, but was later dropped from the schedule. It was released on video on demand (VOD) July 29, 2016. Machine Gun Kelly broke his foot and sprained his ankle on April 1, 2014. The casting for this movie was announced 1 month later.