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War machine's user reviews

Los Angeles Times

American movies are traditionally of two minds about our military might, celebrating it in John Wayne epics and mocking it in everything from "MASH" to "Dr. Strangelove." But "War Machine" has decided, with exceptional results, that it wants it both ways.

Read review Kenneth Turan
New York Post

Half dark, deliciously topical political satire and half somber portrait of a flailing counterinsurgency effort. The two don?t mesh well, and given the number of modern war movies already out there, it should have stuck with the former.

Read review Sara Stewart

Examples of absurdly misguided thinking--on the part of the U.S. military and the government--stack up quickly, and Michôd tracks it all with a sly wink. But even if McMahon is appalling half the time, as Pitt plays him [...].

Read review Stephanie Zacharek
The Telegraph

A fantastically dreary and flatulent anti-war satire.

Read review Robbie Collin