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Year: 2014
Original Title: Wyrmwood
Length: 98 minutes
Genre: Action, Horror, Comedy
Studios: Studio Canal
Distributor: IFC Films
Age rating: Suitable only for adults
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Release Dates

United Kingdom: May 08 2015

United States: February 13 2015


Ranking: 9,326 out of 16,088 movies (up 1530)


5.7 by 5 media


Barry is a very talented mechanic and a family man whose life suddenly falls apart when the eve of a zombie apocalypse arrives. His sister, who is called Brooke, is kidnapped by a group of soldiers who are wearing gas masks to bring her to a psychotic doctor and with the objective of being able to experiment with her. While Brooke is planning how to escape from the terrific laboratory, her brother Barry hits the road to find her alive. During the way, he will team up with Barry, one of the surviving partners. Together they must prepare carefully for the battle which is coming while passing through an Australian forest full of monsters called by the people "eats meat", cannibals creatures that can bring you nightmares.


Cast Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead



Trivia Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

The film took 4 years to complete as they only worked weekends. During filming, a serious accident occurred that nearly caused the death of Bianca Bradey's stunt double, she undershot her jump from the back of the lab truck onto the bonnet of the zombie truck and was nearly run over, fortunately she was unharmed. The film served as the basis for one of the mazes at the 2015 Fright Nights event at Warner Brothers Movie World on the Gold Coast, Queensland