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Year: 1980
Original Title: Xanadu
Length: 93 minutes
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Music
Studios: Universal Pictures
Distributor: Universal Pictures
Age rating: Parental guidance

Release Dates

United Kingdom: September 18 1980

United States: August 08 1980


Ranking: 11,760 out of 16,014 movies (up 495)


5.9 by 2 users


Kira is one of the daughters of the mighty god Zeus, besides being the muse of the fine arts. Determined to fulfill her work, she chooses to visit the painter Sonny Malone, who, to give his inspiration, gives him a kiss. This, instead of creating creative inspiration, causes that the beautiful goddess and the painter, a simple mortal, fall surrendered in the passion they fall madly in love. This forbidden love will cause a real problem in the cosmic order, being a powerful goddess and muse of the arts and he a mere human. At the same time, an old musician dreams of opening a nightclub in a classic, very vintage style that evokes the melancholic decade of the 40's. That project convinces Kira and Sonny. That is why they will help him open the nightclub. In this way, the golden age of the Hollywood of the 1940s will meet the effervescent 80s in 'Xanadu', a place to look to the future but with memories of yesterday's love. Starring Olivia Newton-John, Gene Kelly and Michael Beck. Hide full plot... Show full plot