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Bookies Bet on Armie Hammer Being Cast as Batman

Jadzia Samuel Tuesday 05 February 2019

DC is not having much luck as far as its Expanded Universe is concerned. Two years after Ben Affleck stepped down as director of 'The Batman', he has now also confirmed that neither will he be returning to the role of the Dark Knight in this upcoming film. Since this public resignation, fans have driven themselves mad online in search of a worthy substitute to take his place, and now it would seem that he has been found...

Ben Affleck, Batman

Although we only have very few details about the film, rumour has it that they are searching for a younger actor to play the role of Bruce Wayne in this solo movie. According the the Irish betting house, BoyleSports, the favourite to win the casting battle is none other than Armie Hammer. It seems that the 'Call me By Your Name' actor is the fans' preferred choice to replace Affleck and don the Batman cape; however, there has been no official confirmation from DC regarding who we might be seeing in the upcoming film.

It is no absurd notion to imagine Hammer in the role of Bruce Wayne. The actor was chosen by George Miller twelve years ago to play Batman in 'Justice League: Mortal', a project which was eventually cancelled due to various problems in the pre-production stage. Perhaps it is time for Hammer to remove that thorn.

Other Candidates

The 'Lone Ranger' actor is not the only candidate whose name is on the cards to play the brooding superhero; the have also been mentions of actors such as Jake Gyllenhaal (who was one of the candidates for Christopher Nolan's trilogy), Jon Hamm, Ben Barnes, or the 'Black Panther' villain, Michael B. Jordan.

At present there is very little official information about 'The Batman'. Matt Reeves ('The War of the Planet of the Apes'), will be writing and directing this new version of the superhero story, the release date of which is set for June 2021.

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