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'Incredibles 2': A new sneak-peek and a first look at the new superheroes

Daveena Kataria Monday 14 May 2018

We've little under than two months to go before 'Incredibles 2' hits UK cinemas on 13th July. The film is set for US release on 15th June however, and so ahead of its release, Disney have unveiled new promotional material.

Brad Bird, the director behind 'The Incredibles' is back with this second instalment that's set to focus on Helen Parr (Elastigirl). In the film, the super-heroine will be tasked with promoting the work of superheroes given they're still pretty illegal in the 'Incredible' universe. Whilst his wife is off saving the world, Bob, or Mr. Incredible is left with the chore of looking after the house and children, not too big of an ask - until Jack-Jack's powers start to kick in, that is!

Take a look at the latest sneak-peek from the upcoming film below. In the video clip we're given a first look at the new group of superheroes, 'The Wannabes'. Brick, He-Lectrix and Voyd all appear in the trailer, but we're still not sure what role they'll have to play in the sequel.

New Poster

With the release of the new sneak-peek comes a new poster, courtesy of Fandango. The new poster shows the silhouettes of the Parr Family who are stood on an 'II', the roman numeral for 2. Each of the characters are portrayed in positions representative of their superpowers.

 New poster

Samuel L. Jackson, Sophia Bush, Holly Hunter and Craig Nelson have all lent their voices to the new 'Incredibles' production.

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