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Poacher Who Killed Hundreds of Deer Sentenced to Watch 'Bambi' Once a Month

Jadzia Samuel Tuesday 18 December 2018

David Berry, an illegal hunter accused of killing hundreds of deers, will never touch another animal again, or at least, so hope the Missouri judges. Berry has recently been sentenced to over year in prison for his crimes, which have been described as one of the mot serious cases of deer poaching in history. In addition, the judges have added that the man must watch Disney's classic 'Bambi' at least once a month for the entire duration of his sentence.


Berry is considered to be one of the most dangerous ilegal hunters in the country, for having killed hundreds of deers only to decapitate them and keep the head as a trophy. "The deer were trophy bucks taken illegally, mostly at night, for their heads, leaving the bodies of the deer to waste," stated the prosecuting attorney. As well as his sentence for illegally hunting and killing the poor animals, Berry has also been sentenced to an additional 120 days in prison for violating the the fire arms prohibition law.

The criminal hunter will also have to pay a fine of $51,000 dollars, but without a doubt the money will be nothing in comparison with the emotional pain of having to relive the death of all of his victims once a month with one of the most traumatic deaths in Disney history, Bambi's mother. Through these means the US court of justice hopes to make the prisoner more conscious of the suffering he has caused.

A Family Affair

Disgustingly, David is not the only Berry family member to carry out these terrible crimes; it is, in fact, a terrible family tradition. His father, two brothers, and a friend all helped him to carry out this illegal hunting over the course of more than three years. And despite it only being Berry to receive the 'Bambi' punishment, we can hope that his case serves as an example which will continue to be carried out among prisoners of the same crime. Perhaps that way the hunters will begin to understand the unnecessary pain that they inflict to these poor creatures.

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