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'Stranger Things': The Duffer brothers under fire after forcing an underage actor to perform an unscripted kiss

Daveena Kataria Wednesday 08 November 2017


The second season of Netflix series 'Stranger Things' hit our screens on 27th October and has caused quite the controversy. One of the reasons behind the upset is the introduction of new characters Max (Sadie Sink), and her brother Billy (Dacre Montgomery), and with them, much darker storylines than we're used to.

In the series, Max finds herself in the middle of a love triangle between Lucas and Dustin, both characters who appeared in the first season. The triangle folds in on itself pretty early on when it's revealed Max is not the least bit interested in Dustin, who instead, finds himself in one of the best plot lines of the season. In the final episode, Lucas and Max share a kiss at the Snow Ball. However, the kiss the two share, has much less innocent origins, as Sink revealed in an interview.

"I get there, the first day of filming the snow ball, me and Noah are like walking in, like seeing the decorations and stuff. One of you, I think it was you Ross, you say like «oh Sadie, you ready for the kiss», and I'm like «No, what? No, that's not in the script, you can't, that's not happening» And so like for the whole day I was like stressed out, you know I was like, «Oh my god wait am I gonna have to...» I was like wait, is it gonna happen, is it not? And it didn't happen that day, but then the second day of filming the snow ball", the actress mentioned.

Duffer in response said, "You reacted so strongly to this, I was just joking, and you just went, you were so freaked out that I was like «well I gotta make her do it now». That's what happened... that's why I'm saying it's your fault".

 The controversial kiss

The backlash on social media

The actress doesn't appear to have been that bothered by the whole ordeal, the same can't be said for many Twitter users however, celebrities included. Many (viewers and non viewers) are unhappy with the Duffer brothers for essentially forcing a child to kiss another, especially because the scene wasn't scripted, and the actress mentioned feeling stressed about it at first.

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