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ÚLTIMA HORA Fin a la tortura: el Supremo ratifica la prohibición del Toro de la Vega

Trailer 'The Canyons'

A young producer finds out that his girlfriend, an actress, has an affair with one of his actors

Trailer 'Seventh Son'

A spectre is looking for a seventh son's seventh son that will become his apprentice

Trailer 'Filth' #2

A cop with a lifestyle full of vices will have to change if he wants a raise

International Trailer 'Lovelace'

Linda Lovelace rises to the stars thanks to her role in the X film 'Deep Throat'

Trailer 'Lovelace'

Biopic center on Linda Lovelace's life as a porn star. She starred in 'Deep Throat'

Trailer 'Curse of Chucky'

A woman finds in her mother's stuff a box that contains a lovely doll

Featurette Kaiju 'Pacific Rim'

Guillermo del Toro's crew explains how they created the monsters that came through the ocean

Making Of 'Pacific Rim'

Guillermo del Toro shows us all the details of his new blockbuster

Trailer 'Pacific Rim' #5

The Kaiju menace humanity with their big size, but we'll know how to answer

'R.I.P.D.' Featurette

Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges explain some of the film production process.

Teaser 'Snowpiercer'

The remains of humanity live on a train, divided by social status. A group of men will start an uprising

Teaser 'The Boxtrolls'

A little boy from Cheesebridge is raised by a group of monsters who live under the town streets

Trailer 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2' #2

The machine that transformed rain into food wasn't never turned off, and it has created a whole new set of animals

Trailer 'Delivery Man'

A man finds out that he's the father of 533 people, thanks to his multiple sperm donations

Clip Kaiju Remedies 'Pacific Rim'

Hannibal Chao shows the Kaiju organs' black market, the new trend in health treatments

Trailer 'Pacific Rim' #4

When the Kaiju appear by surprise with the intention to end humanity, we must fight back

Trailer 'Elysium' #3

A man will fight against the system, trying to reach Elysium, the place where rich people live in the future

Trailer 'Turbo' #2

A snail suffers a mutation that makes him the fastest of his species

Trailer 'Passion' #2

A boss maintains a destructive relationship with his protegée. She will do anything to get a promotion

Videoblog 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug'

Peter Jackson shows how he made the aditional shooting of his two last films

Trailer 'Inside Llewyn Davis' #2

A folk musician tries to make it on his own in a world that's too competitive

TV Spot 'The Wolverine'

Logan's new adventure shows all its action in a new TV Spot

Clip Elbow Rocket 'Pacific Rim'

A Jaeger fights against a Kaiju, using one of its deathliest weapons

Teaser 'Eden'

A football team suffer a crash plane and they survive in a lonely island. Soon trouble begins.

Trailer 'Thanks for Sharing'

Three people start a twelve step system to quit their sex addiction