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Fan-made 'Harry Potter' trailer turns him into the bad guy

Harry is a bad guy in this fan-made trailer that shows how the wizardly pupil manipulates and abuses everybody around him.

'Smelly Cat'

The singer Taylor Swift invited the actress Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe in 'Friends') the stage at one of her concerts. We had already seen Phoebe singing repeatedly, mostly in the Central Perk (bar meeting in the series), so just find it strange that the actress announced that it would 'Smelly Cat' (Gato apestoso) theme to sing , favorite of her repertoire for most.

'Youth' trailer

Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel are two artists (composer and scriptwriter) at the edge of their careers. 'Youth' is the new film by Paolo Sorrentino ('The Great Beauty').

'Anacleto: Agente secreto' exclusive clip

Anacleto (Imanol Arias) le enseña a su hijo Adolfo (Quim Gutiérrez) el cuartel general secreto de la agencia de espionaje para la que trabaja.

'Dragonslayer' trailer

An apprentice of wizard must go to a nearby kingdom to slay a dragon that has been devouring girls.

'Swiss Family Robinson' trailer

A Swiss family must survive being shipwrecked on a deserted island.

'The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes' trailer

A student is electroshocked while he's touching a computer, and the lightning turns his brain into a human PC. Now he can remember everything, even the data that the computer had before, which will have him discover an ilegal business of the donor of the computer.

'Addicted to sheep' trailer

Tom and Kay spend their days looking after their sheeps and hoping that this will be the perfect year.

'The Spaceman and King Arthur' trailer

An astronaut travels through space and time and ends up in the past, in the times of King Arthur. Also, he travels with his android double.

'The Love Bug' trailer

Trailer of the Disney classic about a man who gets a car with its own personality that will help him win races.

'Bedknobs & Broomsticks' trailer

Trailer of the Disney classic starred by Angela Lansbury as Eglantine Price, a novel witch who has to take care of some children.

'Flight of the Navigator' trailer

This his the story of David (Joey Cramer), a 12-year-old kid of Florida who suddenly wakes up in the forest, only to discover that he's traveled 8 years into the future. The joy of his family is only as big as their amazement at the fact that he's not aged a bit. Then a NASA scientist (Howard Hesseman) tells them that he's discovered a UFO nearby, and David will be able to discover the mystery.

'45 years' trailer

There is just one week until Kate Mercer's 45th wedding anniversary, but a letter could change everything.

'Blackbeard's Ghost' trailer

Blackbeard keeps appearing as a ghost because of a curse done by his last wife, a notorious witch. In order to get rid of the curse, he must do a good act.

'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids' trailer

Wayne Szalinski is a scientific and inventor who develops a machine that can shrink objects. Accidentally, the machine is activated over his children, who will live an adventure trying to get to their house through a "grass" jungle.

'Tron' trailer spanish

A hacker is divided in molecules and transported to the inside of a computer in which an evil software is controlling everything as it wants.

Dwayne Johnson naked in 'Ballers'

The Rock shows his ass in this scene of TV series 'Ballers'

'Star Trek Beyond' Leonard Nimoy Homage

The cast of the new movie of the beloved franchise remembers the legendary actor, that passed away six months ago.

'Mary Poppins' trailer

A British family with two children who like to behave badly with their nannies sees how it all changes with the arrival of Mary Poppins, a nanny with magic powers of some sort.

'20000 Leagues Under the Sea' trailer

Between genius and madness, Nemo has begun a suicidal crusade under the sea, and is on the crew hands to avoid his plan before he destroys the world.

Top 5 Box Office Spain (August - Week 3)

The 5 most grossing films in the Spanish box office from August 21th to 23th.

Benicio Del Toro: "In movies we're in search of the truth and entertainment"

In our interview for 'A Perfect Day', the Oscar winner actor leaves space for any doubts: "I'm gonna be in 'Star Wars'".

'Kung Fu Panda 3' trailer

New trailer for the third part of the 'Kung Fu Panda' series, in which we see a funny nod to 'Star Wars'.

Batman Kill Count

He has saved Gotham many times, but to get to that goal, Batman has spilled a lot of blood.

'Suicide Squad' Lemonade Stand

Margot Robbie and Jai Courtney decided to help a little girl before going to the Suicide Squad's wraps party.