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'Bombshell' Trailer #2

Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie aim at the Oscar with this movie based on a real scandal.

Kayla is a young journalist who has just started in the TV channel Fox News and she is learning what is or isn?t a story which fits in its news line. Soon she realizes that she could fit perfectly in the network and that?s why she speaks to the president of Fox, Mr. Ailes. Ailes tells her that he could put her in front of the cameras, but before that he has to be completely sure that she is loyal to him. This drives Kayla to think what to do.

Magyn Kelly is a successful Fox News host that knows pretty well how this game works: in order to a network to be on air all day it has to be some kind of attraction to it. That means women wearing tight and short dresses, usually white and blonde.

Gretchen Carlson is another Fox News host who has to endure her coworker?s sexist comments. She is decided to report him, but for that she is going to need more women to support her. Will she convince them?



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