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'Frozen 2' Trailer #3

Elsa must face her past and discover more about her powers in 'Frozen 2'.

After years of long waiting and high expectations arrives 'Frozen 2', the sequel to one of the most loved films of the last years and a complete success to Disney, the film was even the highest grossed animated film for years (until 2019). In this second part to the story we will have to travel to unknown lands with Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven. All o fthem will have to go to the Magic Forest, a place where no one has been able to enter for years, all in order to save Arendelle, that faces great dangers and a new threat that could destroy the whole realm. 'Frozen 2' will allow us to discover so much more about the characters' past, the story of Anna and Elsa's parents and, most of all, about Elsa's powers: Why was she born with them and where do they come from? All of this and much more in the sequel 'Frozen 2' that will be released the 22 of November, 2019.



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