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'Soul' Trailer

Pixar takes us to "the great before" where souls earn their personalities in Pete Docter's new film after 'Inside Out'.

Pixar's new animated production focuses on exploring what a person's soul consists of, through a human protagonist and a small soul with his own feelings. 'Soul' tells the story of Joe, a middle-aged music teacher at a school who is passionate about playing jazz and dreams of doing it at the Half Note club in New York. However, as he has lost his passion for this art, one day his soul is transported outside his body, so he must embark on an adventure to return to him. To do this, she will count as a traveling companion with a small childish soul still training in green with the orange skunks and two sticks protruding called 22. These two characters will travel from the streets of New York City to the cosmic kingdoms. During this trip, they will look for the answers to the most important questions in life and will ask themselves where the passions, dreams, their own interests come from and, ultimately, what makes you be yourself.



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