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'The Grudge' Red Band trailer

Uncensored 'The Grudge' trailer, the reboot from the original horror story. A tormented ghost punishes everyone who enters an abandoned house with a painful death.

'The Grudge' tells the story of Muldoon, a single mother and a detective (played by Andrea Riseborough) who moves to a new neighborhood with her young son, shortly thereafter both of them discover that not very far from their new home, in fact in the same neighborhood, there is a house enchanted inhabited by a ghost that in turn is possessed by a demon and punishes all who dare to enter the house. This punishment is none other than a long and painful death.

Following its predecessors, this new version promises terror in all its facets and, for the first time in its history, does not have the participation of Takashi Shimizu, director of the previous films. This time it is Nicolas Pesce ('The eyes of my mother') who takes the reins of production and signs the script Jeff Buhler ('The midnight meat train').

The film has been released in January 1, 2020.



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