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The Grudge poster


Year: 2020
Original Title: The Grudge
Genre: Horror
Studios: Sony Pictures, Ghost House Pictures
Distributor: Sony Pictures
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Release Dates

United Kingdom: January 31 2020

United States: January 03 2020


Ranking: 365 out of 15,705 movies (up 248)


The film, following the argument of its predecessors, introducing us to the story of an abandoned house where a tormented ghost is responsible for cursing and punishing all who enter with a painful death.. It will be the first film in the franchise that does not have the participation of the Japanese filmmaker Takashi Shimizu, who was in charge of the direction of the previous deliveries, including the two American remakes. The main character is a young detective and single mother played by Andrea Risebourough, the protagonist discovers this curse as she shares a neighborhood with the haunted house, the movie controls the history of this woman while trying to escape with her son from these demonic spirits that They persecute and threaten to end their lives. This restart that prepares Sony Pictures of 'The Grudge' is scheduled for release in the United States by 2020. Behind the direction of the project is the filmmaker Nicolas Pesce ('The eyes of my mother'), and is in charge of the script Jeff Buhler ('The wagon of death'). The main cast consists of the interpreters Andrea Riseborough ('Birdman', 'Oblivion'), Betty Glipin ('Ghost Town), Lin Shaye (' Insidious'), John Cho ('Star Trek: Beyond') and Demián Bichir ('The hateful eight'). Hide full plot... Show full plot


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This will be the first American Grudge film not to have any involvement with Takashi Shimizu, who directed the original 4 Ju-on films and the two American remakes. Although he did not direct 'The Grudge 3', he did remain as a producer. 'The Grudge' takes place in the same temporary space as the 2004 film 'The Scream'. The film has been in development hell since 2013. Adam Green, director of 'Hatchet', was originally slated to direct before he dropped out to focus on adapting the novel 'Killer Pizza' for a film.