10 Lives

10 Lives
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Title: 10 Lives

Original Title: 10 Lives

Year: 2020



Becket, a lonely cat looking for a home to live in, takes advantage of an oversight by the caretaker of the animal shelter where he is to escape. In his escape attempt, he was almost run over by Dr. Rose Everhart's car. From that event, Rose decided to adopt Becket. The bond between both is growing, so Becket becomes a spoilt and selfish pet. However, everything changes when, unexpectedly, he loses his ninth and last life.

Becket suddenly finds himself at the gates of heaven begging the Keeper to give him another chance to return to his spoiled cat life. His request is denied, but in a outburst, Becket escapes and returns to Earth with nine other lives. Everything seems idyllic again, but there is a small difference: in each of his lives he will reincarnate into a different animal. Becket will become a mouse, a cockroach, a skunk, a dog... and in each of those lives he will learn a valuable lesson. On this spiritual journey, Becket will go from being a spoiled cat to a hero capable of sacrificing himself for those he loves.

Although '10 Lives' is Mark Koetsier's directorial debut, he has worked in the animation department of more than 30 films and in the art department of at least 12 feature films. Mark will be supported by Ken Cinnamon and Karen Wengrod, who will write the script.


Mark Koetsier Mark Koetsier

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