A Thief's Daughter

A Thief's Daughter
Poster A Thief's Daughter

Title: A Thief's Daughter

Original Title: La hija de un ladrón

Year: 2019



'The Thief's Daughter' is a drama starring Eduard Fernández and Greta Fernández, father and daughter in real life as well as in fiction. Sara (Greta Fernández) is a woman accustomed to living on her own, having been making her way through the world alone since childhood. Now, at 22-years-old and having recently become the mother of a child, Sara would like to form a more traditional family unit by developing a closer relationship with both her little brother and the father of her child. After years of keeping his distance, Sara's father shows up after being released from prison. He wants to be part of her life again and to enjoy his role as a grandfather. Sara is uncertain and tentative about reforming their bond as her father's reappearance could threaten the idealised vision of a family she has for herself and her child. Sara must make a difficult decision: does she welcome her father back, or does she do everything she can to keep him away from herself and her little brother?

The director, Belén Funes, based this film on a true story passed onto her from a prisoner. She intends to explore family and the irreparable damage that a father can do to a daughter, whilst also painting a social portrait of modern-day Spain, where the people who live in the working class neighborhoods of big cities fight fiercely for their wants and needs without it ever being enough, with the dream of a simple life turning into something unattainable.


  • 2020 Goya Awards: 2 1
  • 2020 Feroz Awards: 1 0



Belén Funes Belén Funes


A Thief's Daughter
A Thief's Daughter
A Thief's Daughter
A Thief's Daughter
A Thief's Daughter
A Thief's Daughter
A Thief's Daughter
A Thief's Daughter


Based on a short film

The feature film is based on the short film 'Sara a la fuga', written and directed by the same team.

BFI London Film Festival

Belén Funes' debut opera has just been selected at the BFI London Film Festival, within the "Journey" section in reference to the path that the protagonist has to make.

San Sebastian

The debut opera of the director Belen Funes participated in the Festival of San Sebastian 2019.

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