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Sara Carbonero ha sido operada de un cáncer de ovario


Original Title: Un viaje a la luna
Genre: Drama
Age rating: Suitable for 12 years and over

Release Dates

United Kingdom: March 22 2019

United States: April 11 2018


Ranking: 12,111 out of 15,094 movies (up 805)


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Tomás is a child who is going through the difficult stage in which he is no longer a child but he is neither fully a teenager. In addition, he is quite marginalized and has problems in the high school to pass his exams. On the other hand, his family tortures him and his mother pressures him to pass with good grades his next exam, and she makes him to take antipsychotic medication. During this period he meets his new neighbor Iris, and he falls in love. But when he realizes that this love is not reciprocated, he plunges into a deep crisis that leads him to plan a desperate trip to the moon, star with which he has been obsessed for years. He believes that making this galactic trip he will escape from his problems, but he will end up digging up an old family secret.