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Year: 2019
Original Title: Ad Astra
Genre: Science fiction, Thriller
Studios: New Regency Pictures

Release Dates

United Kingdom: May 22 2019

United States: May 24 2019


Ranking: 4,491 out of 15,105 movies (up 1208)


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Twenty years after his father left on a one-way mission to Neptune in order to find signs of extra-terrestrial intelligence, Roy McBride travels through the solar system to find him and understand why his mission failed. Directed by James Gray ('The lost city of Z) and starring Brad Pitt.


Cast Ad Astra

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Roy McBride

Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones

Clifford McBride

John Ortiz

John Ortiz

General Rivas

Jamie Kennedy

Jamie Kennedy

Sargento Peter Bello


"The movie title means "to the stars" in Latin, usually it was said in the whole sentence "per aspera ad astra" (through hardships to the stars)."