American Honey

American Honey
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Title: American Honey

Original Title: American Honey

Year: 2016


Release Dates

  • UK: October 14 2016


Star is a young American girl with a vital personality who lives in a problematic family, so she decides to leave home. Once in the streets, and with noting to lose, she joins traveling magazine sales crew who drive across the American mid-west selling magazine subscriptions door to door. Star quickly finds herself in this gang of misfits, and she feels specially attracted to one of them, Jake. The lifestyle of this group is full of hard partying, law bending and young love and she will finally get surprised. Andrea Arnold ('Fish Tank', 'Red Road'), directs the film which includes the likes of Sasha Lane, Shia LaBeouf ('Transformers', 'Nymphomaniac'), McCaul Lombardi y a Arielle Holmes in this comedy-drama that will be released at 2016 Cannes Film Festival.


  • 2017 BAFTA Awards: 1 0



Andrea Arnold Andrea Arnold



American Honey
American Honey
American Honey
American Honey
American Honey
American Honey


Natural light

''American Honey'' was filmed mostly with natural or available light.

Cannes 2016

''American Honey'' is released in the Cannes Film Festival Official Section.

Accident on set

Shia LaBeouf was injured on set while doing a stunt that involved him smashing his head through a window. He ended up with stitches on his hand and head.

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