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Aquaman videos and trailers

AQUAMAN Visual Effects: Before & After

Warner Bros Pictures and DC Films have released a VFX reel for Aquaman, showing the remarkable before and after visual effects process for the film.

Why Jason Momoa couldn't be Aquaman in real life

Jason Momoa, star of 'Aquaman', talks about how hard it was to keep up with the shooting of a movie packed with action scenes.

Amber Heard ('Aquaman') claims more female presence behind the camera

Heard, one of the female stars of 'Aquaman' along with Nicole Kidman, is confidence that we are the ones who have to demand more female presence in decision-making positions.

Patrick Wilson explains how the most difficult scenes of 'Aquaman' are filmed

Wilson, who portrays one of the villains of 'Aquaman', talks about how hard the movie was physically speaking.

James Wan talks about the pressure he felt directing 'Aquaman'

The director of DC's latest hit reflects on the expectations of fans and the importance of the feminine side of 'Aquaman'.

'Aquaman' Final Trailer

James Wan directs the first movie focused on Arthur Curry, played by Jason Momoa.

'Aquaman' Extended Trailer

Jason Momoa is ready for the adventure of his life in 'Aquaman', from the DC universe.

'Aquaman' first look

Jason Momoa will play 'Aquaman', one of the members of 'The Justice League'.