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'Aquaman' trivia and fun facts

Spoiled surprise Even though Aquaman's suit was supposed to be a surprise, Zach Snyder decided for his birthday to upload a video of Jason Momoa as Aquaman with the suit on.
Adaptation It's based on Geoff John's 'Aquaman' comics.
Rejected Atlan, The Dead King, Aquaman's ancestor who resurrected as a mad zombie, was supposed to be in the movie, but the idea was finally rejected.
Intriguing In Zach Snyder's video of Aquaman for his birthday, the hero is seen approaching underwater to a figure sitting on a throne, and there was a debate about whether it was the Dead King or the Ocean Master.
Underdog James Wan revealed he had a choice of what film he wanted to direct between The Flash and Aquaman, but chose Aquaman because he is the underdog.
Second time This is the second time Nicole Kidman has worked in a DC movie, after 'Batman Forever'.
Race At the beginning, Mera was thought to be played by a non-Caucasian to match Jason Momoa, but it was rejected when Amber Heard was cast.
Back again together This film marks the fifth collaboration between director James Wan and actor Patrick Wilson, after Insidious (2010), Expediente Warren: The Conjuring (2013), Insidious: Capítulo 2 (2013) and Expediente Warren: El caso Enfield (2016).