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Year: 2019
Original Title: Armstrong
Genre: Documentary
Distributor: Altitude Films
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Release Dates

United Kingdom: July 12 2019

United States: July 12 2019


Ranking: 8,387 out of 15,567 movies (up 854)


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'Armstrong' is a documentary from the director David Fairhead about Neil Armstrong's life, who is known as the first man to ever step on the surface of the Moon. The story picks up his life since he was a child and was born in Ohio, passing through other momentas as his student career as an aeronautical engineer in Purdue's college. After this, it cover his formation in different academies of military flight and engineering until he gets to the army and his missions in the Korean war, where he gets hurt from complicated flight actions. Finally the documentary talks about his ascension in the NASA until achieve his biggest award: To step on the lunar surface. This is a dramatic and emotional film that shows the definitive version from pilot and astronaut Neil Armstrong memories.


Cast Armstrong

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford