Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde
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Title: Atomic Blonde

Original Title: Atomic Blonde

Year: 2016


Release Dates

  • UK: August 09 2017
  • United States: July 28 2017


Set during the Cold War in Berlin in 1989. A the greediest agent of the Secret Service Intelligent is Lorraine Broughton, playing by Charlize Theron. She will have to accept an almost impossible mission: discover all the names of the undercover agents who are working in Oriental Berlin and gets all the posible information about the strange murder of other secret agent , the MI6 agent was in the middle of this searching until he was murdered. Now, Lorraine is ready to find that list and fight to all kind of enemies and overtaking all obstacles, independently the type of the person that she'll have in front of. She has style and is sexy, but her intelligent is the most characteristic and which this she manages to stay alive.

This film, directed by David Leith, is based on the graphic novel 'The coldest city' de Antony Johnston and Sam Hart. The script has been adapted by Kurt Johnstad. The cast includes Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, John Goodman, Bill Skarsgård, Toby Jones and Sofia Boutella.



David Leitch David Leitch


'Atomic Blonde' Spot 0:10

'Atomic Blonde' Spot

July 25 2017

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'Atómica' Teaser

May 21 2017


Atomic Blonde
Atomic Blonde
Atomic Blonde
Atomic Blonde
Atomic Blonde
Atomic Blonde
Atomic Blonde
Atomic Blonde



Despite the title and the 80's setting, the song "Atomic" by the band, Blondie, does not appear in the soundtrack.


David Leitch's first solo credit as director, after co-directing 'John Wick' with Chad Stahelski in 2014.

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