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Year: 2018
Original Title: Back to Berlin
Length: 75 minutes
Genre: Documentary, Biography, History
Distributor: Verve Pictures
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Release Dates

United Kingdom: November 23 2018


Ranking: 9,952 out of 15,104 movies (up 1411)


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'Back to Berlin' is the first documentary film that mixes a history of bikers with the tragedy of the holocaust. Eleven motorcyclists set out with the mission of taking the Maccabiah torch of Israel to the site of the infamous 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, for the first Jewish Olympic Games on German soil. Together they will relive the heroic journeys of the original Maccabiah riders of the 1930s and discover how they and their families survived the Holocaust. This documentary film is written and directed by Catherine Lurie and is produced and narrated by the well-known presenter Larry King and Jason Isaacs. The story will be lived in first person by motorcyclist Yoram Maron and Elen Katz, among others.




Trivia Back to Berlin

Michael Stevens is the composer of the soundtrack of 'Back to Berlin'. Stevens received a Golden Globe nomination for his work in 'Gran Torino' with Clint Eastwood, with whom he has collaborated on more occasions: 'Invictus' or 'Million Dollar Baby'. The famous American television and radio host Larry King is the executive producer and narrator of this documentary.